Mother for the first time, Adriana Karembeu reveals a snapshot of her little Nina

BIRTH – Despite her difficulties getting pregnant, Adriana Karembeu finally got her way. She got a daughter on Friday, August 17. Here is a picture of the small piece of cabbage.

Nina, 3.285 kg and 54 cm. At 46 Adriana Karembeu became mother for the first time on Friday, August 17th. She has just revealed on Instagram a photo of her daughter, accompanied by a thank you text: "A big thank you to Dr. Adrien Gaudineau, professor Carbonne, professor Isabelle Rouquette, the whole team of midwives and staff of the maternity clinic princess Thanks to Monaco for their professionalism, availability and friendliness that allowed me a beautiful birth. "

Everything was not easy for the former model that had done everything in the past years to become a mother. However, she had a miscarriage in 2016 after seven weeks of pregnancy. "In the months that followed, I could not meet a pregnant woman or baby without feeling the tears in my eyes, I really want to be a mother, which was not the case when I was younger," she told Paris Match. Together with her husband Aram Ohanian she even planned to start an adoption procedure.

Which was ultimately not necessary. Because Adriana Karembeu became pregnant after two unsuccessful attempts to fertilize in vitro. "This baby is a victory, and sometimes I have a little bit of trouble to make my happiness come true."

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