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In wood, in immersion or on board, the game will be present in all its forms for the last weekend of August, thanks to the Brussels Games Festival 2018, organized by the non-profit association Ludiris. After six years of success, the event in Brussels adds a new day, starting on Friday. Tanju Goban, a real conductor of this festival, explains this "win-win" choice for both publishers, who want more publicity and for visitors who want to enjoy more. Another purely organizational aspect is added: "we have the opportunity to obtain the material from Friday to make it profitable ", tells the director of the Brussels Games Festival.

For the rest, the fundamentals remain almost identical to the collaboration with Wannaplay, defining itself as the "Airbnb " of the board game. This extends for 2018. With the help of the web platform visitors can reserve tables of the game, but also propose during the traditional night-time activities. The novelties will also be legion. About fifty, about. Relaxation, roles or cooperatives and many conferences on the fun theme will attract attention, including the three days of the festival.

Games and pedagogy, two key points of the BGF 2018

After discussing diversity last year, this new edition wants to approach the qualities of the play object as an educational vector. A theme that is dear to the core of the organizers. "With the culture pool we decided to bring this aspect to the fore. It has already been mentioned in the annex of previous years, but we wanted to make full use of it. That is why we have worked with many professionals from the educational world: educators, teachers, pedagogues … Personally, I think the game should be a tool that should be promoted as a learning object "Tanju Goban details. In addition to the activities offered during this weekend, playing cards are available at the BGF. At the same time, video capsules will be published on the internet.

Entertainment for everyone

What makes the power of an event like the Brussels Games Festival is the accessibility for all kinds of public, Brussels or not, which is the result of free. " It is difficult to imagine a paid outdoor event", says the director of the BGF, so people benefit from it all over Belgium and even across borders, such as the United Kingdom.Another remarkable feature: the desire to be included BGF strives to adjust its animations for persons with disabilities For each game a suitable signage will be installed, on the other hand, the non-profit association Almagic, an organization that specializes in the field, will be present to provide specific support during the festival.

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