New racist VIDEO in Flanders: 3 young people with a visual disability attack teenagers at Aarschot station

A probable racist incident took place on Sunday in Aarschot, Flemish Brabant, and ended in a battle on the railway lines. The facts were filmed in the video at the bottom of this article posted on Facebook and relayed by Radio 2.

The local police have so far not communicated further about the subject and refer for each communication to the public prosecutor of Leuven, who opened an investigation.

On the images we see that some adults show aggressive and racist behavior towards a 15-year-old who is waiting for the train. The victim first remains calm, but the tone rises quickly and shots are exchanged. The teenager tries to defend himself in vain before being pushed onto the track by one of his opponents, where the fight continues.

The passers-by ultimately succeed in calming the protagonists.

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