Persecution opens investigation into racist incidents at Pukkelpop – Belgium

The Prosecution has asked the police to draw up a report. The PV is then transferred to the office of the public prosecutor, who will then decide whether to prosecute. Two festival visitors said they were being pushed and kicked. A drink was also thrown in their direction and their hair was pulled. A group of Flemish young people then sang racist songs, as evidenced by video's posted on social networks.

Unia, the interfederal center for equal opportunities, has confirmed that it has received a complaint. The organizers of Pukkelpop also strongly condemned the incidents.


"I am scared by my behavior"

A young man from Ghent who sang a racist song on Saturday at the Pukkelpop festival, claims & # 39; bang & # 39; to be by his own behavior. "To my great regret, I am one of the young people who sings the song in this video, it was without thinking and without knowing the consequences," he told the newspaper Het Belang van Limburg.

"I am afraid of my own behavior, which is not at all in accordance with the person I am or wish to be", says the young man. "I find the way I am made public today very serious, and I apologize to anyone who feels offended and especially to the two women who rightly find this unacceptable." The Public Prosecution Service in Limburg opened an investigation Monday after a young Brussels woman and her sister complained that they were physically and verbally abused, without any response from witnesses. A video broadcast on social networks shows a group of young people serial racist words in Dutch: "Cutting hands, Congo is ours" ("Cutting hands, Congo is ours").

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