Rapper Kaaris publishes the first photo after his release from prison

As a reminder, rappers Booba and Kaaris are being persecuted for their participation in a violent battle on 1 August at Orly airport. Since then, the two rivals have been in custody with a number of their family members who have participated in the battle. The fight took place under the eyes of passengers and even delayed some flights. The images had quickly made the rounds of social networks.

This Thursday, the court of appeal of Paris ordered the release and placement under judicial supervision of the two brothers who are enemies of French rap. In anticipation of their verdict in Créteil's court on 6 September, Booba and Kaaris must pay a deposit of 30,000 euros and can not leave the French territory.

Since then, the rappers have been able to find their respective family members and were free to communicate their release. Kaaris placed a photo of him and his daughter on the Instagram network. "
Dad is fine. I will always stay up for you
Can you read in captions with the hashtag? "
Thank you for all your support

Booba has meanwhile decided to multiply the publications on its social networks. He also thanks his fans for their support by posting a photo in which we see many letters. "
You gave me a smile, pleasure and tears in my eyes … Pirate never hurts the ocean. Thank you
He said.

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