The jury of The Voice Belgium is now complete: membership rating (video & # 39; s)

She is young, bubbly, Brussels and has a voice that is so recognizable and pleasant. She is Typh Barrow, the new coach of the La Une telegram. Viewers may not be familiar with it yet, even though the most loyal people have already seen it in The Voice Belgium, after they have visited BJ Scott at one time or another as co-coach of season 5 of the program. The two women have already shared the scene.

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Not so new

But Typh Barrow is far from unknown in the Belgian music landscape. At the age of 31 she released her first album, "Raw", in January 2018 and is one of the revelations of the year. The young woman, singer-songwriter, has the trumps to argue with the many talents that will mix in the set The Voice from the auditions to the blind.

Brussels has given an interview to the RTBF on Wednesday, August 22, explaining that this new experience will be "a discovery". But Typh Barrow already has an idea of ​​the coach she would like to be: "I will be a motivating coach, thoughtful and inspired, I hope to be able to communicate many good energies with the talents," he explains. expect that "her shaking".

Matthew Irons, the year of confirmation

Typh Barrow is therefore located on an unknown site. Especially since she already had the opportunity to meet Matthew Irons. "I think he's a great guy, next to a great artist and a great musician, he has a crazy talent," she confesses. Matthew Irons has decided to return. For a long time it was officially on the side of the RTBF that was so convinced by the first season of the leader of the group Puggy on his red armchair.

And it must be admitted that Matthew Irons felt comfortable during the exercise. Although he likes long tirades and expected butts, he is nevertheless a good coach. Without posing as a music specialist, we can still say that he is the jury that has presented the most daring advantages in the studio of Liège The Voice. It is he who won the show thanks to his talent – above all it must be admitted – Valentin Brognion.

Matthew Irons, it is this English born in Leuven in 1980 and raised in Belgium. With his charisma of good student and his hard-working side, he was able to teach his artistic values ​​and bring his knowledge to his talents. Undoubtedly he will try to do the same during this eighth season that promises.

Slimane, to victory?

Especially because he will find Slimane, the good choice of the RTBF. The verbal jousting between the two singers made the salt of the previous season and should again surprise the viewers. The French singer, revealed by the hexagonal version of The Voice, manages the program under the fingertips and knows how to support where it is needed – not just the buzzer – to attract talent into his team. Despite all this science of telecoping, Slimane had failed to win the musical contest. Undoubtedly, this failure had to be in balance when re-signing for a second opus. The interpreter of "Paname" wants to win.

Slimane, Typh Barrow does not know him personally, but to follow him in the adventure The Voice Belgium. "
I thought it was super fun. I look forward to meeting him and passing this adventure by his side
", Takes note of Brussels who shares the same opinion about the last coach of the telecrochet, Vitaa, so there will be two women on the jury of the RTBF show.

Vitaa, the talent friend, but not that

And yes, it will indeed rely on Vitaa. Last year, his entry into The Voice Belgium surprised many observers. What could this French singer bring to deep rooted RnB roots? The answer was not long ago that Vitaa brought this extra freshness – in addition to his advice of course – to a show that was looking for a female face that was something new than that of BJ Scott, the American singer who is present in The Voice since it start of the telecrochet.

Vitaa could also have driven Slimane with her complicity. The two French, clearly very friendly in life, could have shared their adventure and advised each other. Undoubtedly, the two friends will repeat the experience for this new season and the choice of someone to leave for one year has been linked to the decision of the other. Both remain and this is a news of interest to the RTBF. It remains to be seen whether Typh Barrow will succeed in imposing her style, since she has succeeded in imposing her music on the Belgian artistic landscape.

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