The last words of Stevie Wonder to her friend Aretha Franklin before her death (video)

A few days before the death Aretha Franklin, his friend and co-worker Stevie Wonder took a plane . Direction Detroit to spend some time on the soul of the queen of the soul, and placed in palliative care. "
His voice, his emotion, his sincerity are unforgettable
", Recognizes the singer who told the American media CBS these last moments with the singer.

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They did not speak music two months ago

The two friends and singers still hoped to cooperate artistically. "The Future" was the next hit of the celebrity duo. It will ultimately be nothing, because Retha Franklin died at the age of 76. "I think I cried my last tear", says a Stevie Wonder who has become visible through this disappearance.

I wanted to see it, so I decided to go there on Monday. I took a flight from Los Angeles to Detroit and went to her and talked to her
He explains to the American television channel. "
She could not answer me, but her family thought she could hear me. So I just told him everything I've always told him and say hello to my sister
"A sister who died in the same year 2018, as our colleagues indicate on BFMTV.

The last words

I love you Aretha, but you already know
"Finally, Breath Stevie Wonder before you describe the role the queen of the soul plays with the audience and other artists:"
She made incredible music, she was an incredible singer. She touched all genres. All singers were necessarily influenced by what they sang
. "

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