U2: Bono forced to stop his concert because of a loss of voice

We suggest the disappointment of fans … U2 had to interrupt his show after only a few songs at a concert in Berlin. The reason? Bono, the famous singer of the Irish band, was victim of a loss of voice.

"We are sorry for tonight's cancellation." Bono was in excellent shape and his voice was in excellent shape for the show, but after a few songs he suffered a complete loss of voice, "said the rock group, a press release published on its website, and to clarify:" We do not know what has happened and will consult a doctor ".

From the first numbers Bono seemed to have problems with his voice. On several occasions, even during the songs, the 58-year-old singer stopped to quench his thirst. He finally announced that he could not go any further.

Spectators should be able to do that come back for a concert at a later date. This was the second and last concert in a row planned in Berlin as part of a tour.

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