Venice: the fever Elena Ferrante (the miraculous friend) wins the Mostra

Presented at the world premiere in Venice, "L & # 39; Amica geniale" ("The Amazing Friend") is signed by the Italian filmmaker Saverio Costanzo ("The loneliness of prime numbers", "Hungry Hearts"). The film was enthusiastically expected by fans of the Italian novelist, whose true identity has sparked speculation since the release of the book in 2011 in Italy.

"It was Elena Ferrante who suggested my name to the producers, I had read the books, I could never have put them in pictures, but when it was introduced to me, I did not hesitate for a moment", said Saverio Costanzo. "From the first books by Elena Ferrante, I felt that we had the stubborn quest for a dramaturgical truth in common: "explained the 42-year-old filmmaker.

When he trusted that he had worked with the writer, including regular e-mail exchange, he did not speak about his identity.
"We can not say who it is, but in reality she was very close to the project and from the beginning she followed ", however, Francesco Piccolo, screenwriter of the series, said.

If nobody knows for sure who is hiding behind the pseudonym of the author, the main track today leads to Anita Raja, translator and wife of the Italian writer Domenico Starnone.

She was unmasked in 2016 by the investigation of an Italian journalist who, after she had peeled the accounts of Elena Ferrante's publishing house, said that behind this pseudonym Anita Raja was actually hidden.
Because the publisher has not confirmed or denied this theory, many readers now regard it as the solution for the enigma.

Publication phenomenon

"L & # 39; Amica geniale" tells the story of Elena Greco who, after the disappearance of her eldest friend Lila, decides to write the story of their encounter, while they both in the first year of Lower school, Naples, in the early 1950s.

The novel has an internal coherence that, while remaining attached to the heart of its history, succeeds in creating a world ", explained Saverio Costanzo

A friendship of more than 60 years that will try to undermine the decades, forcing the destination of these two friends to constantly cross and leave, Lila, yet brilliant, and soon forced to give up her studies because the difficult financial situation of her family, while Elena goes to college and then to high school.

A true phenomenon of publishing, theQuadrilogie has sold more than 10 million copies in the world and has been translated into more than 40 languages.

"The reasons for the success of a work are numerous – the novel has an internal coherence that, attached to the heart of its history, manages to create a world," said Saverio Costanzo. "As a director, I started from a matrix that was so coherent that adjustment was easy. It's like shoes that you put on and keep you firmly on the ground, "he added.

The series was co-produced by the Italian Rai and the American broadcaster HBO, who are collaborating for the first time. The first season, with eight episodes, should focus on the childhood and adolescence of Elena and Lila, while the next three seasons, which are already planned, will adjust the next three parts.

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