A glass of alcohol a day is bad for your health

"The myth that one or two glasses a day is good for you is only a myth." Dr. Emmanuela Gakidou, co-author of a study published on Friday by the medical journal "The Lancet", is thus likely to disappoint many by breaking a popular belief.

Three researchers from the Institute of Meteorology and Health Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington looked at levels of alcohol use and their health effects in 15- to 95-year-olds in 195 countries. between 1990 and 2016.

Scientists have noted that 2.8 million deaths in 2016 were directly related to alcohol consumption. It is the seventh risk factor for premature death and disability worldwide and the leading cause of death (10%) among people aged 15 to 49 years.

100,000 deaths per year for a drink per day

Drinking one glass per day for one year increases by 0.5% the risk of developing one of the 23 health problems related to alcohol (cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cirrhosis, accidents, violence, etc.) , Estimate the authors. An excess of mortality that corresponds to 100,000 deaths per year in the world.

The world has 2.4 billion drinkers, 63% of whom are men. On average, the highest number of alcoholic drinks (wine, beer, spirits …) consumed per day is recorded in men in Romania (8.2 glasses) followed by Portugal and Luxembourg (7.3 each). For women, Ukraine (4.2), Andorra and Luxembourg are the most important (3.4 each). In France consumption is an average of 4.9 glasses per day for men and 2.9 for women.

The recommended abstinence

According to Dr. Gakidou support these findings with other recent research that has found "clear and convincing correlations between alcohol use and premature death, cancer and cardiovascular problems". The current drinking habits constitute "disastrous consequences for the future health of the population due to lack of policy measures today," says the study.

Because not only the popular belief that a glass of alcohol per day can not harm, but the recommendations of the authorities also go in this direction. The website of the Ministry of Health states: "Beyond a certain consumption (2 glasses per day for women and 3 glasses per day for men), alcohol is an important risk factor" for many pathologies. Recommendations that advise the authors of the research to refrain from complete abstinence.

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