baby diapers are still poisonous

Glyphosate, pesticides, dioxins, volatile or halogenated organic compounds (VOCs) … Some baby diapers always contain toxic substances for health, according to 60 million consumers. "Always", because the magazine had already published a first study on the subject in February 2017, in which in particular the leader of the sector was questioned Pampers.

Lotus Baby, Pommette or Lillydoo do bad students

In one year, the latter has completely cleaned the product, but this is not the case for all brands. "To our surprise, the two references that were illustrated in 2017 by the absence of residues with toxic risks (Children's words, the supermarket brand E. Leclerc, and Love and green) do not confirm their good results from the past ", note 60 million consumers. Lotus Baby, Pommette or Lillydoo are also bad students.

If the levels of undesirable substances in these layers are very low, the health risk can not be 60 million consumers. Indeed, "infants are also exposed to glyphosates and VOCs from other sources".

Cancer, congenital abnormalities, infertility problems

Glyphosate is likely to be carcinogenic by IARC (& # 39; International Agency for Cancer Research & # 39;) & # 39; considered, as well as dioxins. People who are exposed to pesticides are more likely to develop many diseases than others: cancer, birth defects, infertility problems, neurological problems or a weakened immune system. "As a precaution," warns ANSES, "it is advisable to avoid exposing sensitive populations (pregnant women, children, the elderly …) to substantial VOC levels," also carcinogenic. This pollutant can also cause irritation of the skin, mucous membranes and the pulmonary system.

Nevertheless, the number of layers containing no trace of toxic products is higher than in 2017, and new brands claim "zero toxic residues". Premium protection of the brand Joone are for example praised by the magazine. Sifted by 155 references: "good news and bad surprises", summarizes Benjamin Douriez, deputy editor of the magazine USAinformations. He advises parents to concentrate on products with the shortest lists.

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