Coconut oil, according to an American researcher, would be "a pure poison" – 23/08/2018


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Recommended for its properties would be coconut oil

Recommended for its properties, the coconut oil would be "a pure poison". / Photo DDM illustration

More than a million times viewed. The speech of a researcher from the University of Havard about superfoods and especially their health hazards circulates on the internet. The reason? According to Karine Michels, an epidemiologist at Harvard, coconut oil is "pure poison" because thousands of consumers use it for cooking or for hydrating properties.

In this one-hour speech in Friborg, Switzerland, the researcher believes that & # 39; superfood & # 39; "One of the worst things we can eat", reports The Guardian.

She points to the particularly high content of saturated fatty acids. According to her, this oil contains almost 82% saturated fat, compared to 63% for butter. This percentage is also twice as high as that of pork fat and 60% higher than that of beef fat.

Risk of diseases

Only problem: the consumption of these saturated fats generates risk of cardiovascular disease. Last year, the American Cardiovascular Association discouraged use after seeing an increase in cholesterol levels among regular users. In the United Kingdom, the product of its sales was multiplied by sixteen in four years.

Professor Philippe Legrand, expert at the National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Labor (Anses), interviewed by Le Figaro, ensured that saturated fatty acids were only toxic when they were overused.

The video of the speech (in German):

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