Daily vapers would double their risk of a heart attack

A large American study shows that people who smoke every day are almost double their heart attack risk compared to people who do not touch the electronic cigarette. This risk was even greater among people who liked both e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco.

Researchers from the University of California San Francisco and George Washington University are the first to study the relationship between a heart attack and a heart attack.

For this study, the team collected data on 69,452 participants who were questioned about them tobacco, about their use of the electronic cigarette and about their history of heart attack.

The answers showed that of the 9,352 participants (formerly or now) of the e-cigarette, 333 (3.6%) had a heart attack (confirmed by a health expert).

This figure was even more important for people who vapotaient daily6.1% of these participants had a heart attack.

Scientists have also shown that daily vaping entails risks similar to the daily smoking of traditional cigarettes.

Their results have also shown that the fact Vape and smoke parallelthe most common pattern in smokers of e-cigarettes was even more dangerous for health than the use of a single cigarette. It should be noted that in people who smoked and formed daily, their risk of a heart attack was 4.6 times higher than those who had never smoked any of these products.

"Most adults who are vapotent continue to smoke cigarettes", stated study advisor Stanton Glantz."While they think to reduce their health risks, we discovered that the risk of heart attack from electronic cigarettes adds the risk of cigarettes."

Although the authors are a "lasting effect"About health even among former smokers, the news is not so bad, the scientists who have found that there could be no increased risk of heart attack in old vapers or occasional vapers.

"The risk of a heart attack drops immediately after stopping smoking," noted Professor Glantz. "Our results suggest that it is the same when they stop vaping."

Although e-cigarettes are often presented as a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes, recent research has shown that it can contribute to many types of cigarettes. cardiovascular and lung diseases.

These results were transmitted online to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

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