Eighteen of the 19 health zones in eastern Kasai affected by cholera

Kinshasa – Due to the lack of public compliance with the hygiene rules currently recommended for protection against cholera, 18 health zones have been affected by the cholera epidemic of the 19 in the province of Kasai Oriental.

Eighteen health zones of the 19 in the province of Kasai Oriental are affected by the cholera epidemic, mainly due to the non-compliance by the population with the hygienic prescriptions recommended during this period, confirmed Thursday to the press. Jean Pierre Sumba, epidemiologist in the division of health.

the only health zone saved by this epidemic is that from Tshilundu, on Miabi territory where no case has been reported so far. For the epidemiologist of the provincial doctor, the authorities must provide support by monitoring the people's awareness of compliance with all hygiene regulations, for fear of a worrying pace.

The statistics show that since the epidemic was declared, more than 2,500 cases were recorded up to last Tuesday with 140 deaths in the various areas affected by the disease. In the traditional diamond mining areas, the total absence of hygienic toilets remains to be regretted.


(SM / PKF)

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