MSF opens a center, another NGO innovates

MSF said on Thursday that it has opened an Ebola Treatment Center (ETC) in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where another NGO, Alima, announces an innovative device to alleviate isolation.

"Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) opened an Ebola Treatment Center (ETC) in Mangina on 14 August, a place that is considered the epicenter of the epidemic", writes the NGO. a statement.

"There are currently 37 patients present: 31 of these are confirmed cases in laboratory tests, while the other are considered suspicious or probable cases," adds MSF.

Among the patients there are "many colleagues from the Congolese health system", MSF adds.

In the neighboring city of Beni, the NGO Alima announced the creation of a transparent plastic chamber for patient treatment.

"Thanks to its transparent walls and the external inputs for the arms, the medical teams can comfortably follow an infected patient (…) by reducing the risk of infection", explains the NGO about its "biological emergency department" . safe. "

" Patients also benefit from transparent walls that enable them to keep in touch with the outside world, including their relatives, without the risk of contamination, "details Alima.

The epidemic reported the 1st August killed 42 people according to the latest epidemiological assessment of the Congolese authorities on August 14.

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