Newcastle disease: raising new areas around foy … (Herstal)

Several areas around outbreaks of Newcastle disease have been lifted again in the past few days, said Friday the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (Afsca). Celles de Beersel (Flemish Brabant), Momignies (Hainaut) and Herstal (Liège) are concerned.

A total of 20 foci of contamination from this highly contagious virus that can infect all species of poultry and birds have been highlighted since April 26. In recent weeks, the measures have been completely lifted for 14 outbreaks of infection detected by owners of hobby poultry, as well as for all areas around the three outbreaks discovered in professional farms.

In recent days, measures have been taken in the 500-meter areas around Beersel, Momignies and Herstal.

The measures taken in the Lessines area are currently unchanged. The precautionary measures imposed on all poultry farmers in Belgium also apply, such as the ban on poultry collection and the marketing of hobby poultry between individuals.

In the case of infection with a very aggressive strain of Newcastle disease, nervous symptoms (including those of torticollis) and high mortality occur, according to Afsca. The human being is not susceptible to this disease and the consumption of eggs or poultry meat therefore does not present a risk. Vaccination is the only valid preventive measure against the disease.

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