Rhino horns, Ebola and blue light: the scientific news in ultrashort

The scientific news of August 21, 2018 is:

Malaysia: interception of a rhinoceros with a value of 12 million euros.

  • The Malaysian authorities seized 50 rhino horns for a total weight of 116 kilograms at Kuala Lumpur airport.
  • Their destination was probably Vietnam and they probably came from Africa.
  • There are currently no arrests in this case.

The Congolese government decides free healthcare in the light of the Ebola epidemic.

  • The current outbreak of haemorrhagic fever has caused 55 deaths in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • To increase the number of people treated, the government provided free care for three months.
  • This is the tenth Ebola epidemic that affects the DRC since 1976, but it is the first time that the virus is in an area of ​​armed conflict.

The blue light from the screens causes self-destruction of the retina.

  • When blue light is emitted on a certain molecule of the eye, retina, this causes a chain reaction of chemical reactions that are detrimental to the retina.
  • Once they are destroyed, photoreceptor cells do not regenerate.
  • A natural antioxidant in the eyes and the body can, however, interrupt this process.

Soon a tax deduction for adopting a pet?

  • Several members of parliament have submitted a bill that aims to penalize the abandonment of pets.
  • They also want to introduce a tax deduction for people who have adopted a dog or cat.
  • In France, an average of 12 pets per hour are abandoned.

Why do you lose consciousness during general anesthesia?

  • Under general anesthesia our brains lose the flexibility and richness of the connections, the source of our consciousness.
  • Through MRI, researchers have published the world's first universal brain signature of general anesthesia.
  • This discovery can change the way this type of anesthesia is controlled and adjusted.

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