she discovers that she is suffering from cancer thanks to her cat

While her cat had always been far away with her, the latter suddenly came closer to her mistress who decided to consult a doctor.

And if it cat was ultimately the most effective way to detect cancer? Of course, the technical progress made in the diagnosis and treatment of this terrible disease has been considerable in recent years and research continues to advance, including a possible cancer vaccine.

But for Angela Tinning, a native of Newcastle, England, it was her animal that saved her life by changing her behavior from one day to the next, forcing her mistress to visit a doctor who diagnosed her with breast cancer.

The sixth sense of the cat

Angela trusted her setback in Until now, the woman in her forties and her cat Missy did not really have a cordial relationship. The animal was indeed very distant.

But at night the cat often starts to go to bed on his mistress's chest. Even if she pushed him away, the animal kept coming back to the same place. Angela then starts to feel pain and consults her doctor who tells her that pre-cancerous cells have developed in her breast and that the borrowing situation must be checked.

Operated from a cancer

Two years later the cat starts the same carousel again and Angela consults again. She discovers that she suffers from breast cancer and that she has to undergo a mastectomy. Fortunately, the tumors are treated in time and Angela is on the road to recovery.

The patient is formal, without the strange behavior of Missy, perhaps she has not consulted her doctor and the illness may have been detected too late.

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