Smokitten, a video game to stop smoking

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Too difficult to stop? The small Lyon studio DOWiNO believes it has the solution: a video game on a smartphone that lets you blow off steam or reduce the heavier teats instead.

This game, called "Smokitten", has a cat that has stopped smoking and finds itself on an island … without tobacco in the neighborhood. The player must entertain 222 days: yoga, ballooning or even boxing, in case of tantrums. He rides gold coins on these mini-games with which he can improve the living conditions of the animal on this desolate island.

Master "his immediate emotions"

A mise en abyme in which the player / smoker will be able to evacuate his own desires to ignite one. For the development, DOWiNO cooperated with the Hygiene Center, cancer prevention platform of the Cancéropôle Lyon Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

"Videogames generally allow to identify with the virtual avatar while creating the distancing needed to control one's direct emotions"informs the president of the Supreme Health Council and director of the Hygeecentrum, Professor Franck Chauvin, in a statement.

First community video game on smartphone

Smokitten, who introduces himself as "The first community video game on smartphone", also makes it possible to appeal to a community (players or relatives) in the case of empty passages.

DOWiNO, founded at the end of 2013 at half past three, is a creative studio in Villeurbanne, in the outskirts of Lyon, a UFO in the area. As a cooperative, so-called games of general interest, such as & # 39; A Blind legend & # 39 ;, produces an imageless game that is accessible to the blind, or & # 39; GlucoZor & # 39; for diabetic children.

Installed on the Pixel Pole of Villeurbanne, the eight employees work for public and private organizations. But they also produce games via crowdfunding, such as for "Smokitten", a paid game (4.99 euros) for download on Google Play Store or Apple Store platforms.

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