The lifetime regime

Meeting with Valter Longo, biologist star of research between food and a long life

Power and longevity
Food and longevity © Getty / Jean Paul Chassenet

Professor gerontology and biological sciences, Valter Longo leads the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Southern California.

Praise of fasting

Specialised in research into the cellular and genetic mechanisms of aging, this Italian-American biologist has made himself internationally known for his work fasting, by noticing beneficial effects in different diseases and in the treatment of cancer Fasting would greatly reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

Valter Longo has developed his own theory programmed life "The idea is that it is possible toImprove the body's protection and repair systems to slow down aging.

His book The lifetime regime (original title: The dieta della longevita) has been sold in Italy to almost 350,000 copies and has been translated into French by Actes Sud.

His work is so important and well known that his work is translated into a dozen other languages.

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