The pope kisses her on the head, the girl heals from a brain tumor

"We prayed for a miracle", his parents told CBS today. "We understood it: it was the pope's kiss."

Her story is told here, on the page of the foundation launched by her parents. Gianna was a year old when she met Pope Francis during a Philadelphia parade in September 2015. The girl had a terminal brain tumor when the Pope kissed her on her head. "At that time there was no hope for us", says his parents. "We prayed for a miracle, we had it: it was the pope's kiss, God showed us that He was with us."

The girl was diagnosed shortly after her birth in 2014 with a brainstem tumor. She spent the first eight months of her life in palliative care. The doctors thought she would not celebrate her first year. After a meeting with Pope Francis, Gianna resumed the hair of the beast.

In January 2016 her condition improved once a month with chemotherapy. The chemo ended last November. Gianna is three years old today and her tumor has disappeared. The head of the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia confided in her astonishment: "If you had told me she was going to kindergarten, I would not have believed you."


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