This is why Vietnamese is told not to eat dog meat anymore

The Vietnamese authorities want to keep Hanoi's reputation as a "civilized and modern capital" for foreigners …

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It is a very popular local dish. The Vietnamese authorities urged the people of Hanoi to stop eating dog meat on Tuesday, noting that the dish affected the country's image among strangers and brought risks of spreading rabies and other diseases.

Roasted, cooked or steamed, dog meat is sold on the food markets and in the capital's stores. This dish is traditionally eaten with rice wine or beer.

"Negative reactions among tourists"

The People's Committee of Hanoi has also asked people to leave cat meat, which is less popular than dog meat, but is still available in rural areas.

The Committee stressed that the aim was to preserve Hanoi's reputation as a "civilized and modern capital" among foreigners. "The trade, murder and consumption of dog and cat meat have caused negative reactions among tourists and expats living in Hanoi," it said in a statement.

Three deaths from rabies

Approximately 493,000 dogs and cats are counted in the Vietnamese capital. The vast majority are pets, but a thousand stores sell dog meat. In addition, three people have died of rabies since the beginning of 2018, while two others have been infected according to official figures.

Hanoi is known for its street food and also offers culinary adventures, such as frogs, fertilized embryos from ducks or stewed tortoises.


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