to prevent closure, Louzaouenn no longer sells cannabis flowers –

Brest, Vannes, Rouen, Evreux … The shops of CBD or "legal cannabis" have been closing each other for several weeks.

  Véronique Ollivier opened the store in Louzaouenn with her husband Jean-Christophe on 6 July. In particular, she sold cannabidiol flour, a product that she withdrew from sales after the wave of closures from CBD stores in France.
Véronique Ollivier opened the Louzaouenn store with her husband Jean-Christophe on 6 July. In particular, she sold cannabidiol flowers, a product she had taken from the sale after the wave of CBD store closures in France. (© The echo of the Argoat)

Search guardianship store closures . Faced with this situation, Véronique Ollivier fears for his shop Louzaouenn opened on 6 July.

The misunderstanding. That's what happens in the manager of Louzaouenn, 100% cannabis shop in Guingamp. Like many others in France, she was able to open her shop with products CBD (Cannabidiol), derived from cannabis, thanks to a legal vacuum, so the content was below 0.2% THC. 19659007] "We are prevented from working …"

But confronted with the wave of searches, storage and closures of shops, Véronique Ollivier took the lead and no longer sells the flower in question. "I do not see what bothers us, we can not work … The cannabidiol flower is free of the psychoactive effects that are known in cannabis," she says, disillusioned.

Her other products, herbal teas balsams oils or liquids for an electronic cigarette are still on sale due to 0% THC. "The flour I sold was not even 0.2%, the shopkeeper regrets, generally between 0.13 and 0.19%

" We are not coffee shops "

In addition to the economic damage that gives rise to this situation, Véronique Ollivier denounces the image conveyed by these police interventions: "What I fear, it must not be controlled, but badly assessed. We must stop believing that we are delinquents. Our customers are not the customers of the street. And we are not coffee shops either.

In her clientele Véronique Ollivier indeed has many people with sleep disorders or subject to anxiety attacks for example.

If this does not happen to be afraid of checking, the saleswoman does not hide a certain stress in this situation and is expected there every day. I do not see why I will be spared … "

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Above all, it asks two questions:" Why the prefecture allowed us To open? And "Why are all these closures now suddenly?"

The misunderstanding comes from the text of the law that empowers industrialists to buy hemp at 0.2% THC content but under the guise of processing, this percentage is reduced to 0% on his

In any case, the manager of Louzaouenn denounces "the hypocrisy" of the state: "In the tobacco shops we find scales To weigh what?

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When the brand was opened, July 6, it was full of enthusiasm to deliver new products: sweets, chocolates, cakes, lollipops & # 39; s It is no longer time to rejoice: "These products remain blocked.

Hemp professionals organize themselves in response to this repression. "There are many associations," says Véronique Ollivier. And the trade union SPCBE, union professional hemp well being, is being made.

A petition for the legalization of CBD, "a molecule that may be interesting for the treatment of some very debilitating pain", according to the publishers collected almost 250 signatures in two months time. 19659023]

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