VIDEO. No, even a single glass of alcohol is not good for your health

"A drink, it lets the blood circulate!" You have heard this phrase often … what seems to be saying that low alcohol is good for your health. This is not what a recent study says. Published Friday, August 24 in the medical journal The Lancet (in English), she says that drinking even a glass of wine a day is a health risk.

Should we therefore prefer the "zero alcohol"? Franceinfo asked Professor Mickael Naassila, director of the alcohol research unit at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and chairman of the French Society of Alcoholics.

According to him, this study "interesting", "convincing" and send one "important message" : "There is no advantage in withdrawing from low alcohol consumption." No more myth of the glass of wine, consumed every day around a meal, which would be good for health. "We must stop saying that," cut the specialist.

We must instead make the whole population aware that alcohol is carcinogenic, toxic, it is a hormone disruptor, it is something that will cause oxidative stress in all of our cells.

Mickael Naassila

on franceinfo

So just consume a drink, for this specialist, "it is to increase the risk that certain pathologies appear".

However, it does not take the advice "zero alcohol" that is given by the study of The Lancet. Mickael Naassila prefers that kind of people "Ask" on their consumption and compare it with the benchmarks given by Public Health France and the National Cancer Institute, namely no more than 10 glasses per week.

The challenge for public health is to realize that reducing even low consumption levels affects the health of citizens.

Mickael Naassila

on franceinfo

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