a 25-year-old female driver loses her life in a frontal collision

It is a new fatal accident at this place unfortunately known for the death of which it is regularly the theater. This tragedy comes just three days after the shock that took the life of a 31-year-old Gaurinois, exactly in the same place. Only the motorist had lost control of his vehicle, which was embedded in a tree.

She was 25 years old

On Sunday night it is a head-on collision that forms the basis of this new drama that took place on this National 7 that connects Leuze with Tournai. It was nine o'clock in the evening when two vehicles, one en route to Tournai and the second to Leuze, were hit hard. The car that is part of Tournais would suddenly have been deported to the left tire for some unknown reason. The collision was inevitable.

Firefighters in the emergency zone quickly intervened instead of the accident. Unfortunately, it was already too late for one of the two female pilots at the age of 25. She died immediately.

The other driver, also a lady, had to be freed by the Leuze service. She was then admitted to hospital in a serious state. His days, however, would not be in danger. The man who accompanied him was also admitted to the hospital, although he was slightly injured. The ambulances of Leuze, a second from Péruwelz, the Smur d & # 39; Ath and the rescue service of the Leuze firefighters were saved. Captain Stasik was responsible for the operations.

To the family and friends of the young driver, Nord Eclair sends out her sincere condolences.

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