A long-awaited day that wants to be tiring


The actors of the procession have again spared their efforts

The traditional procession of the Ducasian d & # 39; Ath ended late on Sunday evening. A procession that once again has all the promises and that the atmosphere from & # 39; s early to & # 39; in the evening by the city center will determine.

In the maneuver, many extras, carriers and especially musicians who, without stopping, let the crowd dance by repeating a multitude of music for the greater happiness of the spectators who do not hesitate to resume every song in chorus.

A role that is meant to be funny but also to try when we admit Charles Gaeremynck, first line to the fanfare of La Lorette. " It is good to manage the procession, especially the other days of Ducasse, where you should not be too much in the evening. We started our day at 6.30 am for the traditional fanfare rally. Then we started for the cortege. "

Being a fanfare during the procession is a role that does not really have a time-out. " The crowd is massaging all over the city, so we play without stopping. We really need to be focused from the beginning to the end and always give the best of ourselves to please everyone who listens to us. The passion that surrounds us also pushes us very positively and that is why we all look forward to the 4th Sunday of August every year. "

The weather was good too, although it was not very warm. " The chance we had was that there was no rain during the first procession. This is an opportunity, because for us as for the carriers, when the rain falls on the procession, it is always more delicate and boring for the show. " Despite the end of the procession which unfortunately ended in the rain, the party was not over for all actors in this procession who love to party every year until the early hours.

These will still be at the party and the honor on Monday with the release of the Giants and Tuesday for the day of the carriers.

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