Almost a student who is bored on two goes to the UMons!

The Faculty of Science plays an important role in this increase, with 47.6% of newly enrolled students. The Faculty of Law recorded an increase of 25.8%, the Polytechnic Faculty of 10.1% and the Faculty of Architecture 8.6%.

These figures are based on our projections and on a proven calculation model
"Said Monday Calgero Conti, rector of the UMons who will hand over the witness to his successor Philippe Dubois on 1 October 2018."
It should be noted that about 15% of the new students still have to register. This constant progression gives an idea of ​​the attractiveness of our institution. In particular, I will emphasize the spectacular progress of the Faculty of Sciences, which almost doubled its workforce compared to 2009.

Nowadays almost a student who is bored at two university studies starts at the UMons. "
There is still a delay in access to university education in Hainaut and we hope to reduce this delay. The number of Hennuyers students going to university rose from 32.3% in 2009 to 42.5% in 2015
"Applauds Calogero Conti.

Faculty of Sciences

Progress in the Faculty of Sciences is widespread in the 5 offered courses: biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics. "
There is a clear call from the industrial world
"Says Philippe Dubois, rector chosen."
The university also works a lot on the dissemination of science, it enjoys the image of its research institutes. It recently entered the "Shanghai Ranking" of the world's leading universities and is also the first Belgian French-speaking university in science and technology of subjects.

New courses will be opened this year in the UMons: a bachelor in human and social sciences, another in biological sciences and a specialization master in territorial management and urban development. UMons currently offers more than 150 courses, ranging from a bachelor's degree program to a doctorate to about 8,000 students. The sites are located in Bergen and Charleroi.

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