An accident with a police car injures 7 people in the center of Brussels (photo & # 39; s)

An accident with a federal police car took place just before 6 pm in Brussels. In total, seven people were injured.

"What happens in the center?" a witness asks himself after seeing a rough police car in the vicinity of the Royal Park. Through our orange button Warn us, photo & # 39; s of the accident have reached us. It shows the police vehicle after intervention by the helpers.

  police car

  police vehicle

  police vehicle

According to a spokesman for the Brussels-Ixelles police, the accident involved two vehicles: one of the federal police and the other, that of a driver lambda. The accident took place shortly before 6.00 pm at the intersection of the Royale streets and the Brussels Act and made seven injuries, according to information from our colleagues from the RTBF. The victims were transferred to the Saint-Jean hospital and the Sint-Pieters hospital. Their days are not in danger. All people know it.

Traffic was disrupted, but no lane was completely closed. The incident site is delineated to make the usual findings. Traffic on trams 92 and 93 was interrupted. Both officers of the police vehicle were injured. They had to be removed from their vehicle by firefighters. Several ambulances and a fire truck from Brussels were mobilized.

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