At the school of life in Bastogne


The new concept will be presented, probably in the youth center, from 6 September.

A At school I meet young people who do not find their place in traditional education. They are looking for a different type of education, outside the school, where they can continue learning "says François Schoubben, professor of computer science and mathematics at the Notre-Dame Institute and seminar in Bastogne.

"With a fellow primary school teacher, we have decided to offer them a new structure, based on the principle of home school, and knowledge and skills will be mastered through the central jury."

This new structure, which, as you have understood, advocates autonomy, will nonetheless ensure proper supervision. "Secondary school students from 12 to 18-19 years are targeted", the teacher continues. "To achieve independence, we will give them the keys to help them succeed in their life project."

Sixteen places available

The students, supported by their approach, will conduct research on the web and in the library to find the subjects that need to be studied in the various courses.

Financing? It is guaranteed by a financial contribution from the parents of 150 euros per month and by external financial contributions. "We calculated that to pay the two teachers, it would be 450 euros per month per student, this amount is too high, we have launched the call on sponsors and patrons to complete our budget."

The new association A l & # 39; école de la vie, which is currently being set up, has already been approached by six young people interested in the process. A total of 16 places are available. The teachers hope to form two groups of eight students. The choice of rooms has not yet been decided. The new concept will probably be offered in two rooms of the youth center of Bastogne. The new school will open on Thursday 6 September.

Registrations are closed on 30 September.

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