Belga Queen obtains judicial reorganization

The Brussels restaurant Belga Queen has received a judicial reorganization (PRJ) by collective agreement by the French-speaking Commercial Court of Brussels. He thus protected himself from his creditors.

Highlight of Brussels gastronomy, the restaurant Belga Queen, located a stone's throw from the Muntplein, got a judicial reorganization (PRJ) by collective agreement by the commercial court in Brussels, we have heard well.

The restaurant thus protected its creditors, after a vote of the latter, on its reorganization plan. A little more than a month ago, the Belga Queen filed a petition for the court. Asked by L & # 39; Echo, the lawyer of the restaurant had indicated that his client was hopeful to hand over the establishment on the rails of profitability. At the same time it was also learned that the Belga Queen of Ghent, governed by another company, had gone bankrupt.

With losses over the past two years (more than 189,000 euros in 2016-2017, closed at the end of June for a turnover of almost 4.6 million), the Brussels establishment has suffered, as have several other restaurants before it. from consequences of the November closure 2015, Brussels will arrive in March 2016. The very controversial pedestrian in the center of the capital did not do him any good either.

The concept of the Belga Queen was developed about fifteen years ago by Antoine Pinto, a Portuguese who arrived in Belgium at the age of 17 before applying his talents as a chef and decorator throughout Europe. To do this, he entered into a partnership with Diepensteyn, the holding company of businessman Jan Toye. The latter has withdrawn from the management or operation of the two restaurants, but the holding remains the owner of the two buildings (Brussels and Ghent) in which the Belga Queen is located.

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