Forest: the man found with a bullet in his head is dead

The man found the lifeless Sunday with a bullet in his head in an apartment in the forest died. A weapon was found on the scene. No suspects were arrested.

The man found the deadly Sunday, a bullet in his head, died in an apartment on rue André Baillon in Forest, said Thursday the Brussels prosecutor. A weapon was found on the scene. No suspects were arrested. An autopsy was performed on Thursday. The police of the zone Brussels South was called by the service 100 Sunday around 12H55 for the evacuation of a sick person. According to the doctor on the spot, this was a purely medical case. The man, a 47-year-old municipal employee, was transferred to the Erasme hospital. In the course of the afternoon the doctors told the police that he had actually been shot. It was in the head. The victim died in brain death on Monday. The Brussels public prosecutor has been informed of the facts. A security perimeter has been placed around the apartment. The scientific laboratory of the federal police and a medical examiner were required. The prosecutor and the investigating judge went on the spot. The investigating judge was initially seized by the charges for murder.

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