Hicham Imane, only against all or almost before the elections

Before the 2012 elections Hicham Imane was announced as the rising star of PS carolo. His campaign clip "Why not vote for an Arab" had a lot of work and he could count on strong support. Six years later, a number of other buzzs changed into polemics. If he still wants to believe in his political destiny, man has created many enemies. He agreed to take this reversal of the situation into confidence, even to claim a little more …

In June 2016, after a reorganization within the college, Serdar Kilic leaves his position as alderman to take over from Walloon deputy. His replacement in the regional hemisphere is therefore pushed to the exit, a Hicham Imane. For some it is no longer necessary to see the willingness of the bosses of PS carolos in the maneuver to reject the chosen turmoil. "

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