Homophobic comments in Ans: in spite of the controversy, the socialist Henri Huygen takes up his position as alderman

After the controversy about homophobic comments he had made about the alderman Thomas Cialone (MR), Henri Huygen preferred to leave his position as alderman.

The news fell on Sunday & # 39; s afternoon. The alderman for Environment and Equal Opportunities, Henri Huygen (PS) resigns as ships and will not hold municipal elections in October, he said in a statement. Belga agency

The socialist is accused by the first alderman of the municipality, Thomas Cialone (MR), to make homophobic remarks against him. "Clearly I, and for the first time in my life, was victim of openly homophobic comments and not at all in the tone of humor, as we would like to believe today because I asked him to repeat what he said in my absence, and right in the eyes, he reminded me that, for him, relationships between men were unnatural ", declared the chosen liberal this Sunday morning, interviewed by Vincent Chevalier for Bel RTL.

The future ex-alderman wishes to explain himself to the vigilance committee of the PS

Henri Huygen in his turn emphasized the remarks of Thomas Cialone, which he rejects an attitude incorrectly, "false" . "Every speaker of the MR, and even of the PS, will take his remarks" he added.

The future ex-alderman decided to step down to defend himself but also before "my health, my family and my party, I am sorry that I have to complete my political career while I still have projects for elderly dancers have got." M.Huygen asked for his passage for the vigilance committee PS "to explain what really happened."

On Saturday afternoon, Henri Huygen was already heard by his local neighbors. The socialist then denied the facts.

"I think we should have the courage of his opinion, especially because he offered to come and tell me again on a television" commented Thomas Cialone.

"If it turns out, Mr. Huygen can not appear on a PS-list," says Di Rupo

"If the words of Mr. Huygen are proven, it can not be done on a PS -list to present at the local elections ", Saturday evening the president of the PS Elio Di Rupo for his role warned in a statement."

"The words and attitudes that are reported, if they are confirmed, stand Facing each other with the socialist values ​​of equality, brotherhood, freedom and justice. The PS is the party that carries out all the struggles for individual rights and freedoms. It is unacceptable for an elected socialist, who is more of equal opportunities, to ignore our fundamental values. This person can not represent the PS at any level " said Elio Di Rupo

" I wish he would apologize for being able to refuse them "

"I hear that the Socialist Party asks him to publicly apologize. It is very good, but I must not give it to all homosexuals. And what I want most is that he gives them to be able to refuse them first and then to confirm what he said, because when we apologized, we did something that he " replied Thomas Cialone." Alderman MR had also announced that a complaint will be submitted on Monday.

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