"Huge cloud of orange smoke at Tertre Baudour": what happened?

Many of you have reported a large orange cloud above the factory Yara in Tertre. "Do you know something about the factory in Villerot, here is what we see from home, it is very disturbing knowing that it is a fertilizer factory and that we had to stay cut in our houses 3 years ago until further notice"Marie wrote us through the orange button. Alert us by sending us photos from the cloud. "Huge cloud of orange smoke that certainly comes from the chemical plant Yara in Tertre Baudour "added a Sandro.

"We have activated an acid installation, so the cloud has been released"

We made contact with the factory confirmed that an orange cloud had formed far above them. "We started an acid installation, which made the cloud clear. Now he is gone. It does not pose a risk to the population "we were told. The factory also said that every time they had to do this, they warned the environmental police to check that everything was in order. "The police came during the outbreak of the acid installation and found nothing abnormal"we have already been told.

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