Marc Dutroux sends a letter of "reconciliation" to the families of the victims (video)

Selon SudPresse, the lawyer of Marc Dutroux is about to send a written letter with his client to the families of the victims. "
Marc Dutroux gave his approval to the text. I am looking for the latest addresses before I post this
Bruno Dayez explains it to our colleagues. An approach made in the context of his parole request.

This is a letter of reconciliation, openness
The lawyer continues to prosecute. No matter the same mistake as in 2012, when Marc Dutroux sent a letter to Jean-Denis Lejeune in which he tried to show that he had tried to save the life of his daughter. "
Marc Dutroux acknowledges his full responsibility for the death of the four children. We are approaching the victims. They may want some light. Everything is possible
The council testifies.

The man, now 61, has been in prison for 22 years. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

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