Scam: a fake payment site

By playing on the spelling of two namesakes, a site tries to deceive people who have to pay a fine. Other sites have a similar technique to catch their victims.

Scam: a fake payment site # 1


The site of the SPF Justice to pay a fine is with an "e" for fines and words in the plural. It is the only valid one, reminds the Walloon Brabant prosecutor, for the payment of an immediate perception of a traffic violation. But fraudsters play alias almond, with an "a", to try to mislead people with an insult to pay online. Their site, "Almond & # 39 ;," has the same design as the official and aims to receive fraudulent payments and personal information. Other identical sites managed by thieves have been identified by the authorities, for example there is one that starts with ww1 instead of www and another starts with ww38. A PV was drafted and a judicial investigation was initiated by the Walloon Brabant office to find the author or authors of these frauds. So before you pay your fine, make sure that the site you use is the only secure official URL:

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