The family with four children, transferred from the 127 bis center of Steenokkerzeel to an open house, was found

The Serbian family who escaped from the house of return was found.

The Serbian family who was the first to be imprisoned after the reactivation of the legal measures that allowed the restriction of foreign families with children, had left the open day of Saint Gilles Waes where they had been transferred afterwards for expulsion. the delay. The office of the state secretary for asylum and migration Theo Francken confirmed the information reported by Sudpresse.

This family, consisting of one woman and her four children, was transferred after reaching the maximum period of 4 weeks of deprivation of liberty, the procedure that she was not exhausted.

Sent to an open unit, she would eventually be accompanied for expulsion. The mother and her four children preferred to leave before the deadline.

Lawyers respond

The lawyers decided to respond via a press release:

"The Serbian family was released from the closed center on Monday and hours after the Secretary of State's Tweets announced that he would actively search for the family, this extravagant hunt resulted in a new arrest of the children against this family.

The Serb family lives legally on the territory. Their asylum application is based on serious elements: the Roma population of Serbia is seriously discriminated against and the children, who have no connection with Serbia, have no future in this country. They have no access to school, housing, health care and there is unanimous agreement that most Roma children are condemned to begging or even prostituting.

Despite the state secretary's statements, the Aliens Court decided that the asylum application for children should be dealt with more seriously.

Although the family can not be deported for the duration of the asylum procedure, they have been arrested again in a completely useless way. The pediatrician and the child psychiatrist who visited them in the closed center described the traumatic experience of these children and feared the development of behavioral disorders. They call for emergency succession. Immediate resettlement after their release may significantly worsen the situation of these children.

As family law attorneys we ask for their immediate release so that they can peacefully comply with their asylum application. "

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