Together Villers reveals himself … a little

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The candidates are known, but their & # 39; superprogram & # 39; stays secret

It seems that he never said it, but today Etienne Struyf confirms it: he will be the head of the list of the group ensemble for Villers in the October elections. A group that brings together four parties of the current opposition (CDH, PS, URC and Ecolo), but also recruits citizens without a specific label. "We have collected energies to create a new breathcontinues Antoine Antoine's current chief of staff. Today there is no assembly of people from different parties, but a real group that wants to carry out a great program that we are proud of: we have realistic, concrete, innovative and costly proposals to make a new program. dynamic in Villers-la-Ville. "

This program? "Frankly, we do not want to talk about it today, so we present the list"Etienne Struyf responds by retaining important themes such as a more open and participative democracy, an improvement in mobility, support for associations and the local economy, better social cohesion …

So we stick to the list: behind Etienne Struyf we find Nadia El Abassi, then Robin Perpète, Delphine Stalmans and Pascal Druart. Council members Ecolo Cécile Job and Gilles Wacquez are in 16th and 19th position and the local councilor URC Jean-Pierre Brichart will dedicate the list.

The declared goal of Ensemble for Villers is to obtain a majority of seats in the city council, rejecting the MR in the opposition. "Variety is a democratic virtue and we are a real alternative, with skills and a real project", emphasizes Etienne Struyf.

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