Weather – Thunderstorms and generally dry weather this Saturday

(Belga) The clouds will be variable on Saturday, with the risk of showers in most areas, according to MRI forecasts. Then the weather will usually be dry, with open spaces. In the north and northeast of the country, the risk of showers will continue. The maxima are between 13 degrees in High Fens and 18 degrees in the West. The wind will be moderate, and on the coast sometimes quite strong, west and then west-northwest.

In the evenings, a final shower can take place in the north and northeast of the country, but then it will be dry again with large open spaces. During the night a veil of high clouds will invade the land from France. The minimums are almost 5 degrees in High Fens and 10 degrees in plain. The wind will be moderate from the northwest and weak in different directions. At the end of the night he moves to the South-Southwest sector. On Sunday it is mostly sunny with clouds of altitude. During the day the clouds will increase, but the weather should remain dry until the evening, despite the possible low rainfall on the coast. Maxima of 16 degrees in High Fens to 20 degrees in the middle, under an initially low wind than moderate from south to southwest. (Belga)

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