what future for the Thiry website?

What future for the site of the former factory Thiry, located 400 m from the center of Huy, site that belongs to the hospital hut? It was the theme of an interpellation Tuesday evening in the municipal hutois of the council. A future that is not really determined yet.

There are still several stages to go through before we can see more clearly and develop a concrete project. And with the passage of time some are worried. This is the case of Samuel Cogolati, municipal councilor Ecolo, author of the interpellation: " In October 2017, during the international contest of architects Europan, many ideas were called to redesign the future of the site, including a covered market in the old factory, ecological housing, etc. And I realize a few months later that we no longer talk about this Europan competition and I realize that a design agency is already working to draw the future of the site. I think it is important to keep these old Thiry factories with a very special stamp ".

A witness of the industrial history of the cabin, but why can we have the impression that the file does not go much forward? In fact, it has already progressed since a nursing home has established itself, but in order to make progress on this point, it is necessary to wait for a decision by the Walloon government on the change of the allocation of the site to the plan of sector. It takes six months to a year. In the meantime, some main lines have been drawn by the community community.

" The Municipal Council has the will to be able to offer housing there, to reserve a part for a parking lot of disconnection at the entrance of the city and perhaps some small commercial or economic activities. As far as Europan's ideas are concerned, they are made without knowing the limitations of pollution, without taking into account the financial constraints and without taking into account the legislation that is inherent because we are along a river and we can not have it built inside. six meters from the banks of this river. So all these ideas are very interesting, the design agency has, but we now have to test them on the financial reality and legal reality ", details Joseph Georges, the ships of planning.

The second life of the Thiry site, it will be quite on the horizon 2024.

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