Willy Borsus has only nine months to complete his reforms

The Walloon Executive became green in the green surroundings of the Château de La Hulpe. Four important problems are still on the table.

The lifetime of the MR-CDH of the Walloon government is 22 months. He still has nine left to complete all promised reforms. Willy Borsus (MR), the Walloon minister-president congratulated yesterday, on RTBF signals for the fact that "Approximately 80% of our regional policy statement has already been completed or is almost complete".

Before he left for La Hulpe Castle for a working meeting with his ministers, he admitted that there were "some files on the table".

1. Photovoltaic energy and "Nollet debt"

On 16 July, Jean-Luc Crucke (MR), Regional Minister for Energy, wanted a global approach to the theme green certificates "for the summer holidays". Summer is our last and nothing is always on the table. but "a solution is under study"tempers Willy Borsus, without saying more.

"This is a proposal in a huge file, because it concerns support for the production of renewable energy in the future, but also a solution for the Solwatt dossier." A case involving photovoltaic cells with a set of indebtedness, this famous Nolet debt of 1.6 billion euros. "

The wonder solution remains secret for the time being. One thing is certain, the proposal will not be the proposal adopted by the task force. At first the idea was to introduce a tax of 45 euros per household to purge the system. Willy Borsus brushes this idea aside.

"There will be no new taxes under this Walloon government for photovoltaic solar energy. We are not here to take money from the pockets of the citizen. & # 39; For the 80,000 families who were promised to have green electricity certificates for fifteen years, and then slimmed down to ten years, the Prime Minister wants "honor the promise that has been made, even though this commitment has already been torn by previous governments".

2. Provincial reform

The provinces are (again) in the back of the school bags. Do not talk about deletion anymore, but about "redesign". The Walloon government wants "transfer of certain skills in tourism, education or otherwise, so that these skills are streamlined". And to add: "We are counting on this file a deposit on the table of the current government of this month of September, maximum in October."

3. The Nethys file and good governance

Stéphane Moreau is still at the head of Nethys? but "all board decisions have been adopted and the ceiling of the remuneration is a reality"calls for the Prime Minister. "We await the coming weeks on a proposal concerning the future of the activities of the group, namely the transfer of the group's activities to guarantee employment and also to close this administrative file. In this file we followed the government program ".

4. Move public service structures

Will this problem feed the social climate? It is indeed sensitive: It's about addressing the reform of public services. Liberals and humanists want to "lighten the structures".

How? in reduction in the number of heads by 10%. "Reduce the number of management positions as soon as they are not absolutely necessary and otherwise streamline the Directorates-General differently"says Willy Borsus. But what to do with these leaders who could lose their position? "It will be explained to the general public that every Walloon euro must be invested in a useful way and that resources must be mobilized efficiently, which means that people will be placed in a reserve pool for future designations, when jobs will be vacant. these persons will then be assigned to these vacant posts.There is a series of functions that will not be fulfilled in the future.This is neither a test nor a negative appreciation for the Walloon government, I want to emphasize it. "

→ Willy Borsus also wanted to continue these reforms, with the same actors, by renewing the MR-CdH alliance after the 2019 elections.

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