Yvo Theunissen accused of murder of policeman Amaury Delrez in Spa: he says he does not remember anything

Yvo Theunissen accused of the murder of policeman Amaury Delrez in Spa: he says he does not remember anything, the suspect who was intercepted on Sunday morning was placed under arrest warrant on Monday night. He was accused of murdering Amaury Delrez and tried to kill his colleague, the public prosecutor of Verviers, Tuesday.

To the investigators who were accused of hearing him, the defendant stated that he was suffering from a black hole between the moment he left the café in Havana and the moment he sought refuge in a cottage on the hills of Spa. He called his right to silence before the examining magistrate.

A marginal known for problems of violence and drugs

The man comes from the Dutch municipality Schinnen, south of Sittard not far from the Belgian border, says De Limburger. He went with his brother and his father to Spa for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, to see the Dutch rider Max Verstappen in action. Knowledge describes him as a 36-year-old man with many problems. He lives in a caravan in the garden of his parents. Several sources claim that he has been involved in violence and drug cases, but is not a criminal.

Request for extradition of father and brother

The Examining Judge today sent two European arrest warrants to the Dutch authorities to deliver the two suspects intercepted in the Netherlands and known to be present at the time of the incident. Various tasks have been and will be done to determine their degree of involvement with these facts. Judicial cooperation with the Netherlands will also continue. A request for interrogation of witnesses who have since returned to their home in the Netherlands (including the attendees in the shelter where the accused suspect has withdrawn) was sent by the investigating judge to the Dutch authorities.

The weapon used has not yet been found.

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