10:33 – Apple unveils three iPhone, avoids price bids

Apple introduced new versions of the iPhone on Wednesday: two of the very high-end iPhone XS and Xs Max, but also a slightly more affordable version called iPhone Xr, which shows that it is willing to stay in the premium segment. without raising his prices en masse.

The iPhone revealed on Wednesday at the futuristic headquarters of Cupertino (west) are more advanced variants – faster faster – of the iPhone X ("10") that was presented last year to celebrate the ten years of Apple's smartphone, of which the company is financially very dependent.

"We will take the iPhone X to a higher level", promised the boss of the group Tim Cook, blue shirt and white sneakers, on the stage of Steve Jobs Theater, about the iPhone Xs, announced as every year invented "the most advanced iPhone "so far.

The group presented two versions: one with a 5.8-inch screen and a "Max" model with a 6.5-inch screen.

Apple, which last year with an iPhone X to 999 dollars had marked the ghosts, was eagerly awaited the new rates, which must be high enough to guarantee a sales increase without letting consumers flee. .

Apple has chosen to sell the X's at the same price as the X: $ 999 in the United States for the basic version, EUR 1,159 in France. The Xs Max is now sold from 1,099 dollars and traded from 1,259 euros in France. They will be delivered from 21 September.

The group emphasized in particular the quality of the OLED display and the camera, both of which make better use of video and augmented reality applications, two areas that Apple is working on, with the aim of diversifying its business activities. to a global smartphone market.

As expected, Apple has also introduced a cheaper version, the iPhone Xr, sold from $ 749 in the United States and available in October. It has many of the same characteristics as the XS, but with an LCD instead of OLED and an aluminum frame instead of steel.

"We want to reach as many customers as possible," said Phil Schiller, one of the leaders of the group, responsible for global marketing.

Cheaper however, this model confirms Apple's desire to remain a top class reference: the iPhone Xr is sold from 859 euros in France, which represents more than half of the monthly minimum wage in the country.

– Aficionados –

For analyst Avi Greengart (GlobalData), "Apple played exceptionally well" Wednesday, noting that the iPhone Xs Max should sell "very, very good", while the iPhone Xr "should attract those who can not offer an iPhone X "All this should raise the average sales price" for Apple, he says.

With the strategy of the very best quality, Apple keeps its market share to date and the turnover of its smartphones continues to rise, a good way to compensate for the sluggish global market, completely saturated and characterized by increasing competition from Chinese groups.

Apple can also count on a base of infallible enthusiasts, ready to break their piggy bank to afford the lastborn of the range.

From the opening of his ultra-oiled show decorum, inherited from the founder Steve Jobs who has now died (huge scene with a black background), Apple had announced that it has already sold 2 billion mobile devices.

"We are about to deliver our two billionth device with iOS," said Apple's mobile operating system at the heart of the iPhone and iPad, Tim Cook.

The group also introduced the fourth version of the AppleWatch smartwatch, which contains a 30% larger display and more health-related functions, such as a drop detector and the possibility to perform an electrocardiogram.

A way to appeal to an older but connected audience, as well as young hipsters who live with a hundred per hour.

These announcements confirm that Apple is at the "crossroads", ten years after the first iPhone, CB Insights says. "Apple clearly reinforces itself in augmented reality and + wearables + (accessories to wear, such as the Apple Watch, Ed)" but the next revolutionary Apple product – just like the iPod or the iPhone – "still waits".

With about 12% of the global market, the Apple firm lost its second place in the second quarter, from Chinese Huawei, which is growing rapidly, according to Gartner and IDC.

Despite the controversy (tax optimization, working conditions at subcontractors, dependence on technology, high prices, planned aging, failure of inspiration …) nothing helps, Apple continues to harvest record profits these past years.

As proof of investor confidence, Apple moved into the symbolic threshold of $ 1,000 billion in market capitalization early August, the first private group that broke through.

On Wednesday, Apple shares ended the session with 1.24%.

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