A desire for Windows 95? This application has been reborn in the OS of Microsoft – Pop culture

Notice to the nostalgic, there is now possibility to restart Windows 95 (via an application available on macOS, Linux and Windows).

Will nostalgia after video games affect old operating systems? Perhaps. Developer Felix Rieseberg enjoyed the revival of Windows 95 in an application that Mac, Windows and Linux users can download.

Windows 95 app // Source: Felix Rieseberg

An app for a computer monument

" It's a terrible idea that it works remarkably well, I'm sorry Felix Rieseberg laughs in his chatter launch. The man, who describes himself as the " maker of this stupid little thing Windows 95 brought back life when the application was started. Windows 95, Win95 for friends, is an operating system that was launched on August 24, 1995 (no?) And has been extinguished since December 31, 2001.

Tested under Mac, makes the app exceptionally good. You only need to go to Full Screen mode to open the Start menu. You can admire the beautiful indescribable color wallpaper, launch Interner Explorer that will tell you that he has encountered a problem (who is surprised?), That you are drying artistic impulses or proposed one of the four games test: FreeCell, Hearts, minesweeper and the lonely.

This anachronism that slipped at the end of August 2018 will delight the most nostalgic of us or lovers of computer history. The file weighs only 128 megabytes, the download in a few minutes and is started quickly. A version 1.1 that allows the use of floppy disks was published in the wake. In case you still have a floppy disk drive.

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