A new video from the intriguing Generation Zero of Avalanche Studios

We have mentioned this project to you by the Swedes of Avalanche Studios ( Rage 2 Mad Max, Just Cause ) a few days ago weeks. The project seems to be progressing at a good pace and is clarified with a video that explains a bit more what it is Generation Zero .

If the first video was intrigued with its artistic direction and the excellent musical connection, this second video shows something more of what the game is, and predicts a good potential for those who are fans of cooperative shooting in a sustained open world.

Imagine that from the end of the years you dive in Sweden 80 or more exactly November 14, 1989. You embody a young adult who returns from an excursion with friends on an island, you land on the continent and discover one by people leaving Sweden. This is more than worrying, but you quickly notice that you are not alone. Foreign machines swarm in the Swedish countryside. Alone or with other people you will have to try to find out what happened, to survive by finding the sources where you can and to finally fight this invasion of machines.

The game will have its character and start alone or up to 4 in collaboration to explore a vast open world inspired by the Swedish countryside. It is up to you to find the equipment and resources you need to survive and fight the machines. With a sustained world, the machines you meet will "live" and patrol as long as you do not eliminate them. You will be able to meet machines that you tried to eliminate a few weeks ago and they will be in the state you left them in.

Generation Zero is very promising for those who love the cooperative. It will be necessary to see how the action will proceed with a structure of the game that has not yet been specified. Will we be entitled to simple missions in different places? Attacks and other celebrations of difficulty level always higher than in MMORPG? We will have to wait for more. Make use of the new video that you personally want to discover the Scandinavian sets. You also get the first video for those who have missed it.

Generation Zero is planned on PS4, Xbox One and PC for 2019.

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