A "potentially dangerous" asteroid comes to us

A new asteroid has rendezvous with the suburbs of the earth. Named NF23, this celestial body will come close enough to the Earth to be considered "potentially dangerous" by NASA.

It is this Wednesday, August 29, 2016, asteroid NF23 "graze" the earth. In reality it will still be quite far from us, because this is asteroid the size of the Cheops pyramids, approaching about 5 million kilometers with a speed of more than 32000 km / h or 9.04 kilometers per second!

2016 NF23: a potentially dangerous asteroid

Some will sayarticle Putaclic, 5 million kilometers, it is anything but a threat!"In fact, we take the NASA rankings, which stipulates that any celestial object passing less than 7.4 million kilometers from the Earth is considered potentially dangerous.

It is clear that the 2016 asteroid NF23 is a minor threat than the 2013 asteroid GE3, which had approached our planet in April, going down to less than 190,000 kilometers, half the distance between the earth and the moon … 2016 NF23 becomes 13 times the distance between the earth and the moon.

These kinds of visits are quite common, NASA currently has more than 18,000 NEOs, and the next ones that come close are the Rasterepensives 2001 and the FP118 of 2015 in September. NASA closely follows the trajectory of this small world and nobody seems to have an appointment with the earth before 2135, it is the asteroid Bennu.

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