A "potentially dangerous" asteroid will come close to the earth this Wednesday, but do not panic!

SPACE – The big rock comes closer to the earth, this Wednesday, August 29, around 2 o'clock, at a distance of 5 million kilometers. With a diameter of about 160 meters, it is classified as "potentially dangerous" by NASA. Do not panic, but the space agency looks on.

An asteroid with a diameter of 160 meters will come "close" to the earth on Wednesday, August 29, around 2 PM, announced NASA. This large stone, which responds to the sweet name 2016 NF23, currently moves with more than 30,000 kilometers per hour. By "very close" it is necessary to understand at a distance of 5 million kilometers, or 13 times the distance that separates the earth from the moon. A margin large enough to exclude any fear of the possibility of dropping it on our heads.

The US Space Agency nevertheless considers every potential "potentially dangerous" that passes less than 7.8 million kilometers from our planet. The orbit of the asteroid can even be disturbed by gravitational changes with other bodies in our system, making the risk of a collision larger or smaller. But NASA technicians watch over the grain and watch as the milk traverses the 2016 NF23 trajectory. Rest assured, therefore the apocalypse is not planned for tomorrow.

The American space agency published a video on 23 July 2018 with the well-known NEO's of the solar system. Since 1998 it has collected the positions and movements of asteroids and comets, especially those close to the earth, from information collected by observatories around the world. Approximately 18,000 of them are now identified and their trajectories are carefully studied by astronomers.

"Nowadays space objects are in most cases no longer in danger due to the new measurement possibilities, the uncertainty with regard to their trajectory is reduced and the possibility of impact is quickly discarded", said in July. Steve Chesley, member of Cneos. The NASA device predicted the impact of a small asteroid landing in Botswana (see video below), reported an article last June Washington Post.

However, the next real threat can come from Bennu. The possible impact of this asteroid on our Earth is planned on September 21, 2135. And if this takes place, it can make a sound. This celestial body measures 490 meters with a weight of 3.4 billion tons of rocks and ice. Nasa, who likes to anticipate problems, has already thought about a plan. It sounds a bit like the movie Armageddon, but that's the reality. The American space agency said it cooperated with the National Nuclear Safety Administration and two weapons laboratories of the Department of Energy.

His idea is to build a spacecraft called Hammer (for Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response). In short, the vessel can serve as a ram to ward off Bennu, or as an explosive, thanks to two nuclear tactical missiles. In the latter case it is not the intention to shoot the intruder, but to let the warheads explode a bit further, in order to "evaporate". In short, you can sleep on your two ears!

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