A technological revolution signed with Intel?

The promise of a 32 TB SSD, the densest in the world but also the quietest, is the very ambitious promise of the American manufacturer of products technology, Intel.

  A technological revolution by Intel?
Intel Ruler

Since the foundation of the first SSD & # 39; s water flowed under the bridges! This is probably what we say about the discovery of the very recent SSD Intel unveiled in 2017 and released in the spring of 2018 . From there to make a revolutionary product, there is only one step, which some cross without turning. It may well be that the [P450013] DC P4500 does not significantly change the organization and operation of data centers because of its many performances not only in terms of storage capacity, robustness, but also noise and energy consumption.

Silence, it performs on Intel!

With 32 TB storage this new jewel offers the greatest capacity ever conceived, thanks to the application of Nand 3D technology to refine the stack layers of different memory cells to obtain maximum space . All in combination with a redesigned and optimized thermal management whereby a need for ventilation of fresh air is divided by two according to its manufacturer, making it the quietest SSD on the market ]. Thanks to these technological innovations, Intel succeeded in keeping this monster of execution in a mess (of which the design was unveiled in 2017) reduced to 30 cm . Bluffing!

Intended for the largest datacenters that want to make their hard disks become more efficient by SSD, less greedy in cooling and especially less vulnerable, this technological miracle must make it possible to align up to 32 of these disks SSD in only one machine to the maximum to achieve an extraordinary capacity of 1 petabyte (1000 TB) . The promise of Intel: 1/10 of the energy consumed for 1/20 of congestion relatively a traditional hard drive. What more than one dream to make.

A small technological revolution

This revolution in the design and internal organization of Intel SSD hard drives represents a real technological breakthrough that certainly makes the obsolete traditional hard drives. This new SSD called DC P4500 not only offers Dram RAM but also exceptional storage, promises unbelievable performance and responsive performance, while greatly reducing sound and energy consumption compared to ventilation.

The Santa Clara Society announces 64 layers of 3D Nand modules for a total revolutionary capacity of 32 TB in the format "Ruler". not just interchangeability and ventilation, the main concerns of the data center. Indeed, this fine and elongated design makes it possible to align to 32 of these SSD disks on the same rack to reach and multiply a capacity of [1000] of without the space to increase storage capacity, while improving the speed of access to data and reducing by more than 10% the energy required for power supply, and in particular the ventilation of this CD [P4500] .

] Intel's technological revolution

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