After the absence of Fortnite in the Play Store, Netflix wants to avoid the iTunes load on iOS

Netflix tries to do without iTunes billing by directing users through their site to register their payment information without having to pay a surcharge.

The arrival of Netflix in France was questioned, many critics do not believe in the potential of service in our country. A few years later, the platform will have them lie.

Netflix now even allows itself to increase the rates of its subscriptions, without this having a real impact on the number of users. That said, some additional revenue optimizations are under consideration that Apple will not like.

Netflix tries to get rid of iTunes

Indeed, TechCrunch was able to confirm what some users have noticed in recent months: Netflix is ​​currently testing a new subscription method on iOS in 33 different countries, bypassing the iTunes platform.

Most applications now have to go through the iTunes subscription, allowing Apple to charge a small amount at the same time. Netflix tries to send its subscribers to their website for an extension so that they can enter their payment information directly on the website.

With this method, he can bypass the iTunes load. That said, it is still only in the test and with good reason: the first returns of the users are not brilliant, most of them are confused with the idea to go to their site. Netflix should therefore refine the process before it becomes more global, if Apple does not try to block it.

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Taxes that are dissatisfied

This is not the first time that application tax is skipped. For example, Spotify is released from iTunes with the same model that Netflix is ​​currently testing, while YouTube Music allows you to choose between the two … but inflates its rates on a subscription via iTunes.

The very legitimacy of these taxes has also been challenged by Epic Games for the launch of Fortnite on Android. It does not go through the Google Play Store to pay the 30% tax, but instead benefits from the opening of the platform to deliver the APK from the official website.

If more and more big names are taking on the costs of the platforms, the situation may change in the future. The movement always seems bigger anyway, so we expect a reaction from Apple as Google.

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