Antitrust: Europe would allow Apple to buy Shazam

September 18, the European Commission
pass judgment in his investigation into the takeover of Shazam by Apple, and
according to Reuters,
with reference to two sources close to the procedure, the European authorities would have done so
decided to ratify this acquisition, and this "without conditions".

At the request of seven European countries, including France and
Sweden, the competition authorities had concentrated last April
this transaction was announced in December 2017, the amount of which would be close
the $ 400 million. What these countries feared is that Apple uses this
repayment to abuse his dominant position by encouraging and
users of Shazam, number one in music recognition applications,
choose Apple Music.

It is more specifically Spotify that might suffer
of this rapprochement when Apple would lift the link with Shazam, causing the
users can only turn to Apple Music to listen or
download music tracks. (Eureka Press)

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